Blogger Interview: Sarah Agnew of Modern Brick a Brack

Sarah Agnew

1. What’s your blog called and what’s the URL?
I have two blogs, and, although recently I’ve realised that I do not currently have enough time to keep both blogs going so I’m now focusing solely on ModernBrickaBrack again.

2. What do you blog about?
I post up interviews, previews and reviews about people, places and events I think are worth recommending. Mostly I blog and tweet suggestions for going out in Brighton, covering a diverse range of topics – from the best fish and chips to up-and-coming Artists in the area and Brighton Festival events. Sometimes my posts deviate from the Brighton region – and relate to Wales, Northern Ireland or somewhere else entirely.

3. How often do you blog?
Not as often as I’d like!  From 2 – 4 times a month

4. When and why did you start blogging?
Two years ago as a creative outlet.

5How has blogging changed your life?
In so many respects, it has given me the creative outlet I had been craving for more years than I can admit to; I am privileged to be the only blogger the Brighton Fringe support, in terms of providing me with tickets to events to preview / review; it has given me a reason to meet and interview inspirational people, for instance Jane Bom Bane who runs a music cafe and makes mechanical hats (to name one); it has increased my confidence as it has given me a form of expression and one that other people have enjoyed.
6. Do you follow any blogs regularly?
Yes!  The blog that first impressed me was called Versailles and More, an incredibly interesting and well written blog.  It was V and M that recommended another blog that had a series of posts on it documenting the last days of Anne Boleyn.  Each post was written with such immediacy and re-imagined so vividly that I was blown away by them and still remember how fantastic the posts were over two years later.
These are only two examples of how enriching the blogosphere can be.

6. What three tips would you give to someone just starting out in blogging?

  • Blog about a passion (everyone is passionate about something)
  • Blog regularly (advice I should follow myself)
  • Keep it visual

7. How do you find things to blog about?
That’s easy, I have a constant stream of blogs I’d love to research and write, especially at the moment in the lead up to the Fringe in May (so exciting!).

8. Do you blog full time?
No, I wish.  My working week involves office admin 🙁

9. Where would you like to take your blogging?
I would love the opportunity to be paid for blogging, who wouldn’t?

You can find Sarah at

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