Sheryl Sandberg’s New Book and Community – Lean In

I think that there are not enough women mentors around, someone who talks sense about the issues that women face in the modern world and not just in their career or business. It is not the same “Women can have it all debate”. She adds her voice to this issue in her book.

I think that women should feel empowered by this and take whatever wisdom they can and incorporate it into their their lives and work.

Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook’s new book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
has just launched and has generated a lot of commentary in the media already.

The reaction just shows that it’s still so hard for women to be ambitious and be anything they want to be.

I have not read this book yet, am still waiting for my copy to arrive.

The message says that you don’t have to choose a career or family and also it’s not wrong to reach higher in your career.

Her message: “Don’t leave before you leave” – is referring to women of child bearing age, planning to take time out to have children and in their mind start leaving behind their ambition and stopped striving before it’s time for maternity leave.

You can participate by joining the online community at

Here are some reactions to the book taken from youtube video :

sheryl sandberg lean in book

There are various interviews online but here is one of them where she talks about her philosophy.

Here is her talk at TED about “why we have too few women leader “that has generated a lot of commentary, some agreeing and some comdemning. It is food for thought.

Some home truths:
6:40 Ask a man why he succeeded – Anwer – It’s beacuse I am awesome.
Ask a woman the same question – Answer – It’s because someone helped them, they got lucky and they worked really hard and

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